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Making custom products can be confusing. We're doing our best to take the pain out of the process at every step.


  • What size of image should I use?

    Short answer... it depends. The main thing is what product you are creating. Bigger products (eg. scarves) need larger images than small product (eg. phone cases) to print well as you are filling a much larger surface. We recommend at least 200 pixels per inch. So for example on a 10"X10" inch garment you would want a 2000 X 2000 pixel image.

  • What image file formats can I upload?

    We support both .JPG and .PNG (including transparency).

  • Loading Errors.....

    Finish customizing your product and you get stuck on this screen when you hit finish? Give it a minute or two and if nothing happens unfortunately you're best bet is to refresh the page and try again. If it still doesn't work try clearing your cache or if you were using firefox try switching to Chrome. There are a couple reasons it could of happened. Network error, lost packets or sometimes because the image is just too big. If you still have issues following these steps please contact us.

General Questions

  • I'm ordering for a group or for resale, do you offer bulk discounts?

     We sure do. Our bulk rates start at quantities of 10. Just make sure to enter the discount code before checking out.
    Our discounts are as follows:

    QUANTITY 10 | SAVE 20% | CODE:SAVE20

    QUANTITY 20 | SAVE 30% | CODE:SAVE30

    QUANTITY 50 | SAVE 40% | CODE:SAVE40

  • Where can I see all the products you offer?

    It sounds like you're looking for this page.

  • Do you offer design services if I need additional help?

    Yes. However, our clients typically have their own artwork/branding. We can work with you to to help present your work in the best manner on your chosen products. If you're looking for more 'blank canvas' design work it would be best to look elsewhere.

  • Can I save my custom products to an account to order later?

    You'd think we'd have that sorted by now, wouldn't you? Well, it is something that's doable, just not through this site. If you'll be placing regular re-orders for the same products, drop us a line and we'll get you setup with an account.

  • What kind of textiles do you use?

    Short Answer: a bunch, too much to post details here. For more detailed information check out the page product you're interested in. There will be more specific textile information under the fabric tab.

  • Can I supply my own fabric? Do you print yardage?

    Drop use a line here.

  • Can I get a tour? I want to make sure you guys are legit.

    Yes, just make sure to set it up with out of our staff members before hand. Your can get in contact with us here.

Shipping Questions

  • What currency does your site charge me in? charges in Canadian dollars. You can see the exchange rates here.

  • How long does production of my order take?

    Order of less than 10 units generally ship within 2-3 business days. For larger orders it's always best to confirm timing with us if you have a deadline, but 8-10 business days is usually a safe bet.

  • How long does shipping take?

    Depending on your shipping country and chosen carrier order can take between 2 and 20 business days to arrive at their final destination. You'll get more specific info based on your choices in the checkout process.

  • Where do you ship?

    We ship pretty much everywhere you'd ever want to send something. Your best bet to check the rates and available destinations is to enter your shipping address in the checkout.

  • Do you accept returns?

    As everything we produce is custom and made to order, we are unable to accept returns for any reason other than a defective product. In that case we're happy to work with you to make things right.

  • I'm local can I pick up my items?

    Yes, of course! Just select the pick up option at checkout.

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