DTG T-Shirt Printing

Direct to garment (DTG) printing is the evolution of screen printing. It's used to create the same style of graphic tees, tank tops and other garments that in the past would have required custom screens to be produced before any shirts could be printed.  

The DTG process uses highly specialized inks, printing & drying equipment that allows the custom design to go directly from the printer to the garment. No screens to make, no messy cleanup, and best of all, no minimum orders.

Another benefit of DTG apparel printing is that unlike screen printing where you are limited in the number of colors that you can use, with DTG there are no limitations. No additional costs for multiple colors. No problem handling gradients (where the image fades out from dark to light areas. Anything from a single color logo to a full color photograph can be handled with ease using DTG printing. 

Screen printing is still alive and well, and it produces great results, but it's really only practical for making high volumes of the same design with limited colors. For example, if you know that you want your logo on 200 men's large green t-shirts, screen printing is still the most efficient and economical way to go.

The biggest benefit of DTG apparel printing is that it makes high quality print on demand t-shirts a reality. It allows us to offer our services with no minimum orders. The discounts will increase as your volume goes up, but you can still purchase a one-of-a-kind shirt, made just for you, at a rate competitive with an off the shelf tee of a similar style. 

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