Production On-Demand (POD)

*** There is currently a wait list and approval process for new applicants to our on-demand services. Contact us to apply. ***

All you need is a Shopify website and you can start offering any of the products that you design on Notion for sale. 

Step 1 - Sign up for a Shopify Store

Step 2 - Install the Notion App for Shopify on your store

Step 3 - Work with our team to build out a catalog of products with your original designs. 

Step 4 - Push those new products up to your Shopify site and you're ready to start selling!

Key Points:

    • You set your own prices for products and shipping.

    • You don't need to hold any stock or guess which sizes or designs will sell the best. No more getting stuck with extra stock that kills your profit. 

    • You collect the money from your customers.

    • You retain the contacts. The customers are YOURS, not ours. 

    • You have complete control over the look and feel of your website. You're free to sell any other products that you want. Original works, etc. 

    • We do our thing in the background.

    • No Contracts. If you're not happy with our services you can split at any time. 

    • No upfront costs. You only pay us after you've received orders and payment. 

    • Everybody wins! 


Sign up for Shopify today by clicking HERE

Contact us with questions any time.

Made in Toronto. Showcased globally.